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Data protection policy


Applied since 25.05.2018


PFC LUDOGORETS 1945 is holding company registered according to the Bulgarian laws and listed in the Trade Register and the Registry Agency under the following number: BULSTAT/UIC 201280347. Headquarters: Razgrad, ZIP code: 7200, Targovishtko Shose Str., Sports Center Ludogorets.

Contacts: +359 84 615122

PFC LUDOGORETS is a data administrator working in compliance with all data processing laws and regulations. Personal data is not shared with third parties, therefore all data provided by users is safe. All the data processing practices used by the company are clear and listed.


All terms used in this text have the following meanings:

‘Private data’ is all the pieces of information regarding a ‘data subject’ – every person or company that can be identified with a name, location, number ID and more specifics related to social status, genetics and culture.

‘Data protection rules’ refers to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 by the European Parliament on 27th of April 2016. It is how people’s personal data is protected and handled.  

‘Policy’ refers to this document.

‘Website’ refers to all Ludogorets websites, such as, and, as well as other domains.

‘Special private data category’ refers to specific data related to ethnical or political perspectives, as well as religious or philosophical believes. It is also related to biometric data and health.


This document aims to inform all users about the way PFC LUDOGORETS handles all personal data collected in various forms on the websites. It also mentions the rights every user has.

The policy is applied when handling and processing all private data collected by the websites and their functional features.

These are the domains to which this document applies:




The policy will be applied to all websites that are part of PFC LUDOGORETS. You agree with the policy terms by browsing through these websites.


Due to ensuring all websites are functional and working properly, PFC LUDOGORETS must collect personal data.


Your personal data is shared with third parties only in compliance with the current laws by using all the appropriate means and technical activities. The data is stored for no longer than it is needed and all website are secured by SSL connections.

More specifically, these are the basic principles behind data processing:

1. all processes are regulated by laws and they are transparent for the users to learn about them;

2. all collected data is needed for known purposes which are specifically listed. No data is processed for other purposes than those mentioned in this document;

3. all processes do not extend beyond the purposes necessary for data processing; no excessive amount of data is collected;

4. all data must be accurately filled in order to be processed correctly and effectively (‘accuracy’);

5. all data is stored in a way which allows collecting of data to be stored for a suitable period of time; personal data can be stored and archived for specific purposes such as historical or statistical research. Such use is regulated by law in order for the users’ rights to be honored (‘restricted data storage’);

6. all data is processed in a way that guarantees the highest security level, meaning that they are secured from illegal processing, loss or other kinds of damage (‘classified’);

7. PFC LUDOGORETS is obliged to provide reports for the processing of all data;

Your personal data is processed by those who are authorized to do it. All user data is needed for a variety of tasks. The data collected can also be handled by a contractor under the same principles the administrator goes by.


- Data related to entering and logging into websites without a user password and ID;

- IP address data; location; browser and operating system;

Personal data related to website registration, such as names, contact number, address, email address, nationality, residency, gender, username and password.

- Personal data related to using;

- Data collected in relation to order processing from the fan shop

- creating individual profiles of everyone who was able to register on some of the websites or fill in a contact form;

- creating individual profiles of everyone who registered to purchase goods or use some of the services featured;

- complying to laws and other obligatory rules, as well as for cooperation with financial, law, insurance, tax and other institutions;

- protections of all users’ best interest;

- establishing ways of connection with the users via phone or email in relation to all products and services offered by the club;

- establishing ways of connection with the customers of the online fan shop via phone or email in relation to order processing and all related documentation;

- tracking users’ behavior and all related actions;

- creating options for access and identification under users’ content;

- managing users’ profiles;

- developing and perfecting all websites’ functional features;

- administration and execution of promotions and events;

- other purposes under current laws.


Cookies are necessary in order for the websites to function properly. A cookie stores information in a browser or an app used to store settings and identifications which allow for users’ convenience. Cookies are mostly used for generating:


Web session

Navigation management (session identification, security protection, ‘back’ button, etc.)

The cookies are a technical necessity related to entrance to the website and further use of all functionalities. A website may not be fully functional without them.

Settings (language, desktop or mobile versions of the website, collapsible data menu) – these cookies are used to hide data menu fields that users have already been through.

Previous search links

This option allows for easy repetition of previous search criteria (the parameters of the last 10 searches are stored).

Automatic log in

This option allows for automatic access to a certain account.

In case you want to use your browser to delete or prevent it from storing Cookies, you can easily do that by their functionalities. More information on this matter can be found here:

PFC LUDOGORETS is not responsible for cases when a browser is not capable of controlling and using cookies.


Your personal data can be shared with government institutions in relation to something specific, such as police investigations, court orders, etc.

PFC LUDOGORETS can also share this information with partners and subcontractors in relation to providing products and services, as well as for marketing purposes. This is needed for achieving a better level of service.

Personal data can be shared with third parties only in relation to providing services and for order processing. This includes courier companies, postal and delivery services, etc.

PFC LUDOGORETS is not allowed to share users’ personal details with third parties from countries outside the EU and the European economic zone. If this is needed, all the current legislation mechanisms will be used.


Your personal details are stored for a calendar year after you cancel your registration on the website or you visit your profile for the last time.


If you have given any personal data to PFC LUDOGORETS, then you have the right to be informed on the matter of processing and access to that data, as well as the ways for that data to be updated or deleted. You also have the right to limit the ways in which your data is processed and shared, as well as to disagree with the typical data handling procedures, including individual profiling and automatic functions of the website.

PFC LUDOGORETS will cooperate in case a user wants to apply some of these rights. If you need such a cooperation, then you need to contact us via office@ludogorets.comphone number: +359 84 615122, fax number:+359 84 615122.

PFC LUDOGORETS has the right to deny processing of inquiries related to data processing limitations which are doubled numerous times without a specific reason or if these orders require impossible technical coverage. Any excessive demands may be charged with fees.

In case you suspect your personal data has been violated in some way and the (EU)2016/679 regulation has not been met, you can file a complaint in the regulatory administration, as you are a data collection subject. For example, the Republic of Bulgaria has such an institution called the Commission for personal data protection, located in Sofia, 2 Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd., GPS coordinates: N 42.668839; E 23.377495, contact center: +359 2 91 53 518, email address:, working hours between 9AM-5:30PM,


The policy can be changed, updated and reworked by PFC LUDOGORETS. In case this happens, a notification will be published on the website, and the updated document will be uploaded as well.