Terms & Conditions


The following “Terms and conditions” will settle the relations between PFC Ludogorets 1945 and the users of our online (Internet) pages and services, part of the ludogorets.com domain. The Terms and conditions are obligatory to follow for all users. The use of all the services on the website means that you have read and understood the Terms and conditions and agree with them.


The terms with capital letter in the text have the following meaning:

A sole proprietorship shareholder company created within the laws in the Republic of Bulgaria, with an account number 201280347 at the Registry Agency and headquarters – Razgrad, 68A Aprilsko Vastanie Str., fl.7, and VAT identification code BG 201280347;

„Website “
The ludogorets.com domain, owned by PFC LUDOGORETS 1945, through which orders are made for sales of Items by PFC LUDOGORETS to Users;

„Item/Items “
Goods which can be sold by PFC LUDOGORETS to users according to these Terms and conditions.

A person or a company who is eligible to the Terms and conditions and has a registration on the Website, creating an Account;

„Account “
The User Account has a unique user name and password to enter the Website’s features and services;

„Registration “
The procedure creating the Account;

„Terms of use“
The Terms and conditions, which settle the relations between PFC LUDOGORETS 1945 and the Users who use the Site.


II.1. The following persons or companies can be Users: persons of at least 18 years of age who are eligible to participate in a legally binding contract; companies who are not a physical person, but who can have rights and obligations.

II.2. Persons who want to register themselves have to fill in the registration form which contains: first and family names, country and region, city and correct address, an email, a phone number and the chosen user name and password. Only registered Users can make orders for Items on the Website.

II.3. A person who is a User, following the Terms and conditions, and has registered on behalf of a company or an organization, can represent them on the Website. In order for the Registration to be successful, the person has to fill in the registration form, which contains the following data: first and family names, full address, email, phone number, full company name, headquarters address, country, region, Registry Agency number, full name of the organization in cases when it is not a company. The Username and Password also have to be filled in.

II.4. The persons who provide data according to paragraphs II.2 and II.3 agree that their User data can be stored and processed by PFC Ludogorets and by a third party according to the Law for protection of private data (accepted on 4th of January 2002).

II.5. After the Registration details are filled in the correct order, the User will receive via his email a confirmation message. PFC Ludogorets creates an Account for the User with his chosen User name after the successful registration. The User will receive access to his profile and can make order for the Items on the Website.

II.6. The User cannot use Accounts of other Users or give his account details to other people.


III.1. After the registration of the User and the activation of the Account, the User will receive access to his profile and can place orders for the Items on the Website (“Orders”). The User can correct his phone number and address with every order, as well as write down a representative who can accept the Order from his behalf.

III.2. . The Orders through the Website will be accepted 24/7, including weekdays and holidays. The User will be able to see the Items ordered, as well as his names, phone number, address, delivery and payment details when finalizing an Order. After placing the Order, the User will receive a confirmation email. The User will be notified by a service agent vie email or telephone about every stage of the order – confirmation of stock, sending, etc. The User can monitor the both current and past Orders from his Account.

III.3. When the User places the Order for the Item with the “Buy” button and he receives the confirmation for this action, a contract has been made between the User who have placed the Order and PFC LUDOGORETS 1945. After the contract has been made in the abovementioned order, the relations between the User and PFC LUDOGORETS 1945 are to be settled according to the current Bulgarian laws.


IV.1. The price of every LUDOGORETS Item on the Website is in Bulgarian currency – Leva (BGN) and includes VAT. The price for every Item is per piece.

IV.2. The payment for the selected Items can be done by the User’s choice in one of the following ways:
(i) Payment upon delivery: when the Item is received, its price is paid to the delivery agency; or
(ii) Payment via bank transfer: the price is paid via PFC LUDOGORETS 1945’s bank account. In such case, upon the physical delivery of the Item, the User does not pay the price to the delivery agency.

IV.3. When the Orders come from outside of Bulgaria and the delivery is also abroad, the chosen Items are paid in Euro (EUR) using the fixed rate BGN-EUR of the Bulgarian National Bank BGN 1.95583 = EUR 1.


V.1. Items ordered by the User are delivered to the provided by the User address for delivery.

V.2. If the User has chosen to pay upon delivery according to chapter IV.2(i), the User is obligated to pay the price of the Item to the delivery agency.

V.3. The ordered Item is delivered to the User in an appropriate to the way of delivery package.

V.4. The delivery costs for the Items (courier fees) are paid by the User are also paid upon delivery according to the tariff listed in the “Price and delivery terms” on the Website, in case there is no exceptional agreement. To avoid any doubts, the delivery costs are not included in the price of any Item.


VI.1. Order delivery or respectively fail to deliver can occur due to the following reasons:
(i) One or all of the Items is out of stock, for which the User will be notified in an appropriate way (via phone number or email address);
(ii) The User has not made payment for the ordered Item/Items or there is a delay in the payment if the User has chosen to pay via bank transfer, according to chapter IV.2(ii), mentioned above;
(iii) The User has filled in inaccurate data and wrong delivery address and/or phone number. In this case the Order is invalid and does not obligate PFC LUDOGORETS 1945 with the final delivery.

VI.2. In case of a failed Order and respectively failed delivery of the chosen items due to the reasons listed in chapter VI.1, PFC LUDOGORETS 1945 is not responsible in way to the User who placed the Order.

VI.3. When the Order has not been delivered because of PFC LUDOGORETS 1945’s fault, all extra costs involved in the delivery will be on PFC LUDOGORETS 1945’s account.


VII.1. Every User is obligated to follow the Terms and Conditions in this document and the Bulgarian laws when using the Website’s functions and services.

VII.2. The User has the option for a claim in the following cases:
(i) when there are missing component from the Item’s set;
(ii) when there are obvious damage during transportation, seen upon delivery.

VII.3. A User who is a physical person has every right settled with the Law for protection of private data (latest correction from 9th of December 2005), as far as these rights are concerned with the relations settled with these Terms and Conditions between PFC LUDOGORETS 1945 and the User.


VIII.1. PFC LUDOGORETS 1945 has the reserved right to remove Items from the Website without any notice to the Users.

VIII.2. PFC LUDOGORETS 1945 can block any User Account for a chosen or an unlimited period, if the User actions are in violation of the Terms and Conditions and/or the Bulgarian law, and/or have a negative effect on PFC LUDOGORETS 1945’s image. Despite blocking the Account, the User still holds responsibility for any damage caused by him to PFC LUDOGORETS 1945.

VIII.3. A User whose Account has been blocked cannot register a second Account on the Website without PFC LUDOGORETS 1945’s agreement. PFC LUDOGORETS 1945 has the right to deny the second registration to a User with a blocked Account because of a violation of the Terms and Conditions.


PFC LUDOGORETS 1945 owns the rights for the Website’s graphic content, including the club logo and the design elements, as well as the intellectual property rights over the trademarks on the Website. The Users cannot use the graphic elements and symbols, which are object to those intellectual rights without PFC LUDOGORETS 1945’s agreement.


X.1. Users’ private data are being stored and processed by PFC LUDOGORETS 1945 according to the current Bulgarian law.

X.2. PFC LUDOGORETS 1945 is a registered company in compliance with the Bulgarian law for private data protection and has been as a member of the Private data administrators register, managed by the Private data protection commission.

X.3. PFC LUDOGORETS 1945 applies suitable technical means that guarantee the protection of the collected and processed data against unauthorized access.

X.4. The collection and processing of the private data is done considering the Users’ agreement. The Users provide the private data in order for them to use the Website’s functions and services.

X.5. The Users’ private data will be used only for their service – accepting and executing Orders, delivery of Items and contact and/or feedback with the Users. PFC LUDOGORETS 1945 will not give access to a third party or use the data for a different from the abovementioned purposes without the Users’ agreement. PFC LUDOGORETS 1945 can share details of the private data with courier, postal and delivery companies in order to execute deliver, upon which the Users agree on.

X.6. The private User data could be shared with a third party only when legally obligated to, following the Private data protection law.

X.7. Every User has the right to access and edit his private data, according to the Private data protection law.


XI.1. The Terms and Conditions in this document comply with the current Bulgarian law. All arguments triggered by them or their perception, execution or cancelation will be taken to the competent Bulgarian court.

XI.2. In case some chapters of the Terms and Conditions are ruled to be controversial to imperative norms or become inapplicable for some reason, these chapters will be considered independent from the other chapters and will not affect the enclosure of any of the rest Terms and Conditions.